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Learn everything about coffee, espresso & latte art. For professionals and enthusiasts. Personal attention & accessible for every level.

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specialty coffee workshop

The Basics

Come join us in the world of specialty coffee, where we'll:

  • - Delve into coffee's interesting history and theory.
  • - Learn how to steam milk and pour latte art.
  • - Have time to hands-on practice with the espresso machine from start to finish.

  • € 75,- p.p.

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    specialty coffee workshop

    Latte Art only

    We leave most of the theory aside and focus on :

  • Making espresso.
  • Foaming milk perfectly.
  • Pouring latte art in a heart and tulip shape.
  • Targeted help in improving your technique.

  • € 75,- p.p.

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    specialty coffee workshop


    Workshop for filter coffee lovers. We will work on:

  • Different filter methods, including Orea, V60, and Aeropress.
  • Experienced baristas guide you step-by-step and help you make your own perfect filter coffee.

  • Discover the importance of grind size, water temperature, and extraction time in making the perfect cup of filter coffee.

  • Currently, this workshop is only available if you book as one group.

  • € 375,- for a group of six.

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    specialty coffee workshop

    Give a workshop as a giftcard.

    Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, colleague, or friend, giving an experience is always fun. With our luxury gift voucher, you can give a unique and informative workshop as a gift, where the recipient can choose between a basics, latte art, or filter workshop. And the best part is that they can easily book online! Choose between a standard workshop or a completely private one.

  • Choice between a standard workshop or a completely private one.
  • Recipient can book online themselves.

  • - price depends on the chosen option. -

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    specialty coffee workshop

    Private workshop

    You get to choose between the Basics or the Latte-Art workshop, customizing the experience just the way you like it. In this relaxed atmosphere, you'll have plenty of time to make progress while enjoying quality moments with your friends and family.

  • Personal attention without distractions.
  • Make good progress in a short amount of time.

  • € 375,- for a maximum of six people.

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    Our journey

    Welcome, we are Mick & Leon

    The craft of professional coffee-making requires extensive knowledge and skills, which are often passed down from more experienced baristas. Due to the relative newness of the craft, there is still much to be discovered and explored. As such, every barista has their own unique journey through the industry, adding to the diverse perspectives and approaches to coffee-making. Despite the lack of standardized knowledge in the field, the art of coffee-making continues to evolve and excite both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

    We have been in the coffee industry for a combined 14 years and have both a coffee shop in Haarlem and the Barista Workshop. Our extensive experience in coffee and hospitality allows us to teach you everything you want to know about the coffee industry.

    Our journey
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